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Our staff is committed to providing a positive learning experience to help make our students healthier and more successful in life through the practice of Martial Arts. To accomplish this we set goals of self improvement in a healthy and challenging environment. We hope to influence and encourage our students so that they will develop the habits and life style that will lead to long term success in life.

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Integrity Martial Arts (IMA) is a traditional Martial Arts school with programs designed specifically for children, youth, teen, and adult age groups. IMA teaches a combination of American Karate and various other martial arts creating a well-rounded curriculum that utilizes a combination of techniques, including striking, throws, joint locks, and weapons to formulate a well balanced self defense and martial arts background. 

Our Philosophy


With Martial Arts, you learn to unite the power of your body with the power of your mind thereby increasing your energy, your self-discipline and confidence, improving your health, reducing your stress, and maintaining your general fitness for a longer, happier life. Each Martial Artist possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength vary from one person to another. Whatever your current fitness level, by developing a strong foundation in the basics of American Karate, you will improve your physical abilities, your mental discipline, and maximize your self-defense skills.


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